This page:

references finding and fixing bugs but it doesn't point to further help.

At the very least I believe there should be on that page a list of all the
Perl 6 projects and what address to send bug reports to. Also a
consolidated list of preferred subject tags to help categorize bugs would
probably help everyone.

Perl 5 (and I believe 6) uses the weird (to me) bug system and
I have so far found no instructions on how to use it.  There is the program
perlbug for Perl 5 but no reference I can find on using it for Perl 6.  I
have an account on rt.perl.bug but cannot find anything other than my
non-existent entries.  There is a public interface so ordinary users can
see bugs but apparently not do anything about it.

The various Perl 6 git repos all have their own issue trackers but so far I
find no similarity between issue numbers on git and git bug report
e-mails.  For example,  see those for the ecosystem.  Git shows 2 issues
open with #136 and #53, but e-mails show something else.

So my question is:  what is the correct procedure for one to report a bug,
check its status, and comment on it during its life cycle? (Bugzilla makes
the process pretty easy, and it's written in Perl, too!)

Thanks for your patience with my rant.



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