Hi Perl 6 users!

I've developed an experimental branch that introduces multi-line input to the 
REPL.  What this means is when you
enter this:

    > for ^10 {

instead of seeing a "Missing block" error, the prompt changes, so you can 
finish the block:

    > for ^10 {
    * .say
    * }

You can see a gif of this in action here: 

To try the branch, checkout the experiment-multi-line-repl branch, and use the 
corresponding NQP branch:

    $ git checkout experiment-multi-line-repl
    $ perl Configure.pl --gen-nqp=experiment-multi-line-repl --gen-moar && make 

Keep in mind that this branch is very experimental; it fails a few spectests, 
the way it works is a little less-than-awesome,
and I don't know if it has more subtle bugs that roast or I haven't picked up.  
If you have time, please test it out and try to
shake out any bugs.  Feel free to help me fix the few failing roast tests or 
suggest ways I could do multi-line better!  I'll
be working on it over the next few days; in addition to fixes, I'll try to add 
Linenoise/ReadLine support so that multi-line
entries are treated as single entries in the command history.



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