On 2016-02-20 20:50, Tom Browder wrote:
I notice that module Net::SMTP is on the most wanted list and shown as
a WIP. However, on a lark I decided to try:
I guess you refer to https://github.com/perl6/perl6-most-wanted/blob/master/most-wanted/modules.md which seems to be a compilation of wishes for Perl 6. Nobody can decide what gets worked on in Perl 6; I think this is just a collection of ideas for someone to pick up if they have time.

1. Why is Net::SMTP available in the ecosystem if it is still a WIP
(and doesn't pass testing)?
You put emphasis on the WIP part. Please don't. And I think a lot of the modules will fail installation from time to time, and across different platforms. No different than Perl 5. Or any other advanced ecosystem.

It's probably there because it, or some of it, worked at some point. And the author might get to fix the problems with the tests. It's public so you, or somebody else, can look at it at help out.


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