Dear perl 6 users,

I am trying to pass a Nil value to a method new of a class that expects a Str.

The method new will assign this Nil value to a Str member variable. Then, this 
value will change during runtime.

At the moment I am getting this error: Type check failed in binding $value; 
expected Str but got Nil

Here is an simplified example of what I'm doing:

class MyClass {
    has Str $.value is rw;

    method new (Str $value) {
        return self.bless(:$value);

    submethod BUILD (Str :$!value) {

$myObject =; # << this triggers the error

I expect $.value to hold Strings, but I want to be able to instantiate MyClass 
whether I have a value already or not, and I also want to be able to tell if 
$.value has a real String or not. Is this possible?

If anyone knows a way to do it or has any clue to solve this case, I would be 
glad to hear about it.

Thanks to all in advance,


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