On 06/03/16 15:31, Theo van den Heuvel wrote:
Hi all,

I am running Rakudo 2016-1 on Windows7 (64b)

I tried "panda install Linenoise" and get the following result:


From this I deduce that panda wants me to have nmake.exe available. Microsoft seems to have chosen to offer it only to those who succumb to Windows10, which I managed
to avoid so far.
Skipping the testing does not help, but gives a similar message on building Linenoise.

Any suggestions?


LibraryMake, which is responsible for compiling the linenoise source code for that particular module, uses configuration keys from $*VM.config in order to figure out how your system likes to compile stuff.

You can have a look at its source to find out what exactly it looks up and see what your local moarvm has set:


These configuration options get set during the build stage of moar itself, so if you want to make this work properly on your system, you can compile moar from source manually and it should be set up properly.

Hope that helps!
  - Timo

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