On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 9:39 AM, Timo Paulssen <t...@wakelift.de> wrote:
> The profiler's data blob is a massive, gigantic blob of json (ls the file
> and you'll see).

Ah, yes:  a 2.8+ million character line!

> You can easily search&replace the urls to point at local files instead of
> the CDN.
> Alternatively, there's a qt-based profiler up on tadzik's github that can
> read the json blob (you will have to --profile-filename=blahblah.json to get
> that), but it doesn't evaluate as much of the data - it'll potentially even
> fail completely what with the recent changes i made :S

That looks like the place to start to me...

What about creating a text output in a format something like gprof?
It looks like tadzik has some code that could be used as a start.


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