On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 10:45 AM, Timo Paulssen <t...@wakelift.de> wrote:
> Hey Tom,
> in NativeCall, "is rw" has a very special meaning. For example, if you have
> "int32 $foo is rw", you'll actually give the native function a pointer to an
> int, and perl6 will make that work out for you properly if you have an "int"
> or an "Int" variable that you pass.
> Apparently we don't give a good error message when you say you want the
> CArray[uint32] to be passed as is, but accidentally declared it "is rw" in
> the signature.

Well, the reason I intentionally added the "is rw" to the signature is
because the C function has a pointer to a pointer.

> Can you see if removing the "is rw" from the CArray makes things work?

I removed the "is rw" and the error message is the same!


>   - Timo

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