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>> wrote:
>>     Heart doesn't work for me, but other symbols seem fine. I don't know
>> why. I
>>     also didn't need to quote them. Here is a REPL session from a Rakudo
>> 2016.01.1:
>>          > sub Δ($x) { say "got $x" }
>> Δ is a perfectly valid letter in the Greek alphabet. Unicode doesn't care
>> that
>> you prefer to think of it as a symbol.
> On the other hand, Unicode has a lot of actual Mathematical Symbols for
> stuff like this, so you don't have to use what it considers Greek letters
> when you mean symbols.
> For example, ∆ is U+2206 named INCREMENT.
> Is that not better, or is an actual Greek letter desired in the above
> example?

I was explaining why some "symbols" are acceptable to the parser. Which one
is more appropriate is not my call, although arguably for the original
poster's use the one that doesn't need magic might be more appropriate (at
least until someone who wants to program in Greek wants to use it!).

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