I have a condition that uses warn

something like (its just an illustration)

sub abc {
if $iterations > 150 {
    $iterations = 150;
    warn 'excess recursion, clamping at 150';

In my test suite I tried
throws-like { abc('excess') }, Exception, 'got the exception', message => / excess recursion /;

However, this fails to pick up the exception and I get something like:

excess recursion, clamping at 150
not ok 1 - code dies

# Failed test 'code dies'
# at t/basic.t line 56
    ok 2 - # SKIP Code did not die, can not check exception
    ok 3 - # SKIP Code did not die, can not check exception
    # Looks like you failed 1 test of 3

lives-ok { abc('excess') }, 'got the exception';

passes the test, but does not verify that the correct warning message was passed, and in any case, this test would pass even if the exception condition wasn't fulfilled.

Have I missed something?

I could use the module Test:::Output, to test std-err, but this seems inappropriate for what is a core sub like warn.

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