I would also suggest stealing ideas from other packagers

Debian have Rakudo 2016.04 in sid


They have also split out nqp and moarvm packages.


On 11 May 2016 at 16:14, Steve Mynott <steve.myn...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Using an install outside the RPM/spec framework but also using the
> same config line
> % perl Configure.pl --gen-moar --prefix /usr
> [...]
> Rakudo Star has been built and installed successfully.
> Please make sure that the following directories are in PATH:
>   /usr/bin
>   /usr/share/perl6/site/bin
> panda is in the latter path
> The source modules are installed in a flat hier with hashed filenames
> under /usr/share/perl6/site/sources
> You may find it easier to package upstream panda rather than the one
> in R*.  Although packaging the same git version as R* might be advised
> since it is known to have passed its tests against R 2016.04.
> S
> On 11 May 2016 at 15:05, Sebastien Moretti <sebastien.more...@unil.ch> wrote:
>> Sure better to have individual units as individual RPM.
>> I think Fedora is currently trying to succeed in rakudo-star full
>> installation before splitting. And on my hands the full installation does
>> not work if I uncomment the module-install (issues with paths searched by
>> panda bootstrap).
>> So, I am back with a raduko-star installation that looks like a basic rakudo
>> installation. And I will install panda separately.
>> On your side where do panda files are located?
>> Where does panda install modules?
>>> I think you're right, and the rpm packaging of perl5 is rather similar --
>>> but simpler, as there aren't the bifurcations into moarvm vs jvm, and panda
>>> vs zef.
>>> But perl6 is young yet.
>>> Happily, it's not too hard to package a single compiler, e.g. rakudo-moar.
>>> And as long as you're comfy with rpmbuild, you can knock out a few modules,
>>> then script the process. I no longer have the actual code, but my cpan2rpm
>>> script was really short and simple.
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