I am enjoying the Perl 6 community and contributing tidbits to the docs.
In working with the docs, in Pod 6, I think I see some worthwhile Perl 6
Pod projects that interest me, and I would appreciate any comments. (Note
that the new program and module names are kind of lame and definitely need


This is an existing module that needs to handle existing pod better. For
example, pod format codes are not recognized in tables.

Perl 6 pod

Perl 6 pod could be enhanced to allow finer-grained control over table
formatting and some other structuresvsuch as lists.  Perhaps JSON could be
incorporated into current p6pod structures to allow easy implementation of
such details as well as new features.

p6pod2man [needs a better name!]

As far as I know there is no equivalent to Perl 5's pod2man.  The existing
perl6/doc/bin/p6doc may serve as the executable with the added translation

documentation for the Perl 6 executable

In the main docs I propose another top-level tab to cover various aspects
of the Perl 6 executable itself.   This is the page I propose to change


so it shows instead the topics

  Perl 6  |  Language  |  Types  |  Routines

I am currently working on modifying htmlify.p6 (and other files) to that


Nice to have.  It could use something like p6pod2latex as an intermediate
filter and then use popular LaTeX tools to generate the PDF.

Best regards,


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