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>> When I write a C program I'm able to call that function and I receive the
>> strings, so I guess my problem is just a mapping one.
> It can also mean a preallocated array of strings, though; C is sloppy
> about the difference between pointer-to and array-of. In NativeCall, the
> former is Pointer[Str] and the latter is CArray[Str]. From your
> description, you want the former.

In this case I'm working on libnotify. The interface to all the core
functionality works fine and I can show notifications on screen.

Now I'm working on this function:

gboolean        notify_get_server_info (char **ret_name,
                                        char **ret_vendor,
                                        char **ret_version,
                                        char **ret_spec_version);

I think that the four arguments return the information about the system.
The problem here is that I'm not an expert on NativeCall, which I'm just
beginning to love, and I don't know how to map those char **.

What I concocted on the Perl6 side so far is this:

sub notify_get_server_info(Str $name is rw, Str $vendor is rw, Str $version
is rw, Str $spec_version is rw) returns Bool is native('notify', v4) is
export {};

The calling program goes like this:

my Str ($name, $vendor, $version, $spec_version);
if notify_get_server_info($name, $vendor, $version, $spec_version) {
  say $name, $vendor, $version, $spec_version;
  say 'No server info';

and it prints


So, I get that the mapping is wrong.

Fernando Santagata

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