On 06/22/2016 06:33 PM, Theo van den Heuvel wrote:
> Thanks Timo,
> this brings be further, but not quite out of the woods. I now get the
> following (Windows 10):
> # Failed test at t/01-sanity.t line 10
> # Dynamic variable @*INC not found
> with the ensuing failures.
> Any ideas?
> thanks,
> Theo

Wow, @*INC has been deprecated since a little bit before christmas. The
code that looks for the downloaded DLLs has to be re-worked to use
%*RESOURCES, but I've never used that feature so far, so I'm not sure
how that'd look.

Maybe someone'll be nice enough to do the necessary changes for us ...

Until then, you can probably hack around that stuff locally. Don't
forget you can just git clone the gtk-simple repo locally and "panda
install ." to install your local changes.

  - Timo

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