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On 28/06/16 05:26, Kaare Rasmussen wrote:

In that vein, I'm surprised how easy it is to bind to C libraries. This
could very well be a killer feature for Perl 6 compared to other high
level languages. The resource usage has to come down to a reasonable
level for that to be interesting, though.
Can you perhaps recommend a tutorial or something on how this works?

I don't really know of any tutorial. I just wanted to implement listen/notify support for PostgreSQL in DBIish (https://github.com/perl6/DBIish), so I looked at PostgreSQL's excellent documentation and at the existing native bindings in DBIish.

I think this https://docs.perl6.org/language/nativecall has been updated since, so perhaps it's a good place to start. Otherwise take a look at the modules list, there are plenty of modules linking to native libraries, incl gtk, misc compression and sound libraries, etc.

There's even a module to generate a stub class to start with, https://github.com/Skarsnik/gptrixie

I think that for more advanced interfaces, these helpers might come in handy:


But things may have changed or may change in the future, I haven't looked at it for several months now. Which is equivalent to years in normal Internet life :-)


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