In some ways, the problem is an embarrassment of riches. There are so
many aspects of P6 ("layers of the onion"), many of which are of no
interest to people who merely have a problem to solve. Many of the
concepts of P6 that are essential to its role as a language
development platform are somewhere between irrelevant and confusing
for a simple ETL program or Web-page generator.  Every feature
requires attention, (even if it's a cursory glance and a decision that
"I don't need that"). The more there are, the more effort has to be

If you are trying to teach English as a foreign language, you don't
want to drag in a professional grammarian. A variety of possible
programming styles is only a feature in itself if you have religious
obligations or a professional need (e.g. teaching CS courses).

Developing any new language requires hard work from people who are
"smarter than the average bear". There's a communication mismatch
between them and the trainees who will accept an explanation of the
usual math operators, but become visibly uncomfortable when "%" crops
up. There are a lot more of the latter than the former, so mass
acceptance depends on apparent simplicity, however hard the gerbils
are pedalling behind the scenes.

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