Hi Bennett,

There are many situations that require non-contextfree languages. Even though much of these could be solved in the AST-building step (called 'transduction' in my days) instead of the parsing step, that does not solve all cases. I am just wondering if and to what extent we can parse non-CF languages with perl6. The reference to Perl5 is not appropriate, because a programming language is supposed to be designed to be relatively easy to parse. The language designer will have the need for an interpreter for the language high on his/her list of priorities.

It all boils down to the question: does a Grammar allow a rule that depends on a function instead of being constant. I am not shocked if it is impossible, I just want to know how far perl6 takes me.


Bennett Todd schreef op 2016-09-13 16:35:
Having the minutia of the programmatic run-time state of the parse
then influence the parse itself, is at the heart of the perl5
phenomenon "only Perl can parse perl", which I rather hope isn't going
to be preserved in perl6.

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