I did this too and it wasn't till the third page of results that I found FUD, Perl6 is looking more and more up :-)

On 29/09/16 14:22, Brock Wilcox wrote:
Good feedback.

I just did a similar search in a fresh (incognito) browser with similar, though not quite as bad, results. All the top things at least are active and have links to good stuff. I don't know what "SixFix" is, but I signed up :)

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    I wanted to bring up something to the perl 6 community from
    somewhat of an outsider however i have quitely installed several
    rakudo releases over last few years.

    Type "learn perl6" into google. Not sure you will like what you
    see the first 2 results are acceptable perl 6 in x y and the
    actual Perl 6 site.

    Below this we find a currently offline perl6 site and a quora
    question on why perl6 failed.

    The perl6 site lacks impact and clarity to engage new users. Left
    me wondering if from that page i could answer what are the big 3
    benefits i would get from perl 6, why use it.

    No info on the page that i could inline:perl to use perl5 modules
    in 6 and no try in browser offer.

    This is not a gripe, just putting it out there is this something
    to be improved. Rsther than hackathon do a docsthon, promothon to
    get some positive vibe out and provide clear direction.



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