not sure if this is the right place to get some help, in the case this
is wrong please redirect me to the right mailing list.
I'm trying to build moar via rakudobrew:

% rakudobrew build moar
perl6.moarvm --setting=NULL --ll-exception --optimize=3 --target=mbc
--stagestats --output=CORE.setting.moarvm gen/moar/m-CORE.setting
Stage start      :   0.000
Stage parse      : 154.930
Stage syntaxcheck:   0.000
Stage ast        :   0.000
Stage optimize   : ^CMakefile:447: recipe for target
'CORE.setting.moarvm' failed
make: *** [CORE.setting.moarvm] Interrupt
Command failed (status 2): make
Failed running /usr/bin/perl Configure.pl --backends=moar --gen-moar
--make-install  at /home/luca/.rakudobrew/bin/rakudobrew line 58.
        main::run("/usr/bin/perl Configure.pl --backends=moar
--gen-moar --git-r"...) called at
/home/luca/.rakudobrew/bin/rakudobrew line 386
        main::build_impl("moar", undef, "") called at
/home/luca/.rakudobrew/bin/rakudobrew line 116

My perl 5 version is 5.20.2 on ubuntu 15.10 x64.
Am I missing something?


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