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> Hi,
> I've made a small test program to run a particular test file in an
> infinite loop until it fails. I was investigating some race problem in BSON
> and the test run was successful most of the time. I got some raw fingers to
> repeat the commands so this is the result, simple and maybe useful for
> others. It uses the perl5 prove program which must be in your search path.
> use v6.c;
> sub MAIN ( Str:D $filename where (.IO ~~ :r and .IO !~~ :d) ) {
>   my Proc $p;
>   my Bool $success = True;
>   while $success {
>     $p = shell "prove --merge -v -e perl6 $filename";
>     $success = $p.exitcode eq 0;
>   }
> }

Hi Marcel,

Thanks for sharing!

For snippets of code like this that (a) other people might find useful and
(b) I'm likely to want to find again many months later, I like to store
them as a "gist" at github.  Makes it easy for people to share, and you can
search for it later if you want to dig it out again.


> Happy testing,
> Marcel Timmerman

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