I have a function like this:

sub test(Str :$format, :@filter)
  say $format;
  say @filter;

and I wish to have a stricter type control over the second parameter.

The natural way to do it seemed this:

sub test(Str :$format, Array[Str] :$filter)
  say $format;
  say $filter;

but then I have to call it this way:

test format => 'gnutar', filter => Array[Str].new('gzip', 'uuencode');

Is there a less cumbersome way to do it?

Obviously this doesn't work:

test format => 'gnutar', filter => <gzip uuencode>;

because the argument is interpreted as a generic List.
This doesn't work either:

test format => 'gnutar', filter => ['gzip', 'uuencode'];

because it's interpreted as a generic Array, not an Array[Str].

Thank you!

Fernando Santagata

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