On 01/25/2017 10:00 AM, Richard Hainsworth wrote:
Lots of traffic on this group about syntax highlighting, which indicates the work has a broad application.

I've looked at the atom-language-perl6 and the main atom site, but it all seems quite narrow: running highlighted scripts in a single (atom) environment/framework.

I write and edit scripts with an editor that has a syntax highlighter (Kate, and overlook the bad highlighting), and if I need to play around with code snippets, I use REPL. How does the atom framework help? eg, with REPL

It seems I am missing something here.

Is there a blog/resource with a bit more explanation I can look at?

I'm also interested because of the highlighting code I have used in Pod::Render and other modules. This is the highlighter code from Google prettifier and based on javascript.



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