Hi All,

I am starting a program (run from crontab) to test some things and
eMail diagnostics to me.

I am looking at

I pretty much understand everything, but
  • send($from, $to, $message, :$keep-going)

    Sends an email $message (which can be a Str or something with a Str method) from $from; and to $to (which can be either a single address or a list of addresses). If $keep-going is set, will attempt to send the message even if one of the recipients fails

1) where do I add the string (Str) above?

2) what does the ":" do in ':$keep-going" ?

3) not finding how to attach a file

Do I presume correctly, that if my diagnostics is in a array
of strings,
I will have to convert it back to a string and
add in the line feeds

Many thanks,
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