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I think the important thing is having choice. Declaring parameters in terms of named variables is normal and important, but when one does that it would still be ideal to get a single extra variable that has all the arguments in it as components, for when it is useful. -- Darren Duncan

Hi Darren,

Agreed.  It is having a choice to fit your particular needs.

In my experience (I am by no means a programming expert), the
"writing" of the code is far easier than the "maintaining" of the code.
The extra time one spends on the initial write to make it 8nderstandable,
save me 10 to 20 fold down the road.  I am a YUUUGE fan of Top Down.

In P5, I spend great amount of time naming and commending the
sub variables to make them understandable.  I even use the ($$)
business to make sure I call them correctly.  In P6, the sub variable
naming serves both the name and the comment.  Easy to figure
out at a glance.


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