Hi All,

I need to figure out how to use {} is substitutes.  I
got the // down, now I need to learn {}.  I am trying
to get away from the \/\/\\/\/\/\////\/ nightmare.

print "FILE = <$?FILE>\n";

(my $IAm =~ $?FILE ) ~~ s/.*\///;
print "IAm = <$IAm>\n";

(my $IAm2 =~ $?FILE ) ~~ s{.*/}{};
print "IAm2 = <$IAm2>\n";

Unrecognized regex metacharacter / (must be quoted to match literally)
at /home/linuxutil/perl/./file.test.pl6:7
------> (my $IAm2 =~ $?FILE ) ~~ s{.*⏏/}{};
Unsupported use of brackets around replacement; in Perl 6 please use assignment syntax
at /home/linuxutil/perl/./file.test.pl6:7
------> (my $IAm2 =~ $?FILE ) ~~ s{.*/}⏏{};

What am I doing wrong?  Am I stuck in thinking Perl 5?

Many thanks,

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