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    But ... it calls xclip (Linux), pbcopy (OS X), or clip (Windows),
    so you might as well call these programs directly with qx or qqx
    rather than having to use Panda to compile the module

    For instance, under Perl 5 (sorry no Perl 6 example yet):

    system ( "cat $TmpFile | xclip -selection clipboard" );

In defense of modules... I would rather use a module and not have to
know what clipboard-interface-command-line-tool to use on which
platform. And if someday Perl6 runs on the new neural-interface OS with
yet a different way to cut & paste our thoughts, perhaps that module
will let my code work with it, without my having to edit it.


Hi Yary,

   Don't misunderstand me.  I adore modules (when they work).
The guys over on the chat line told me right now the state
of modules is in flux.  I pretty much have to Panda the ones
I want.  And there is no RPM repository to keep the revisions
in tact, etc..  And I rather make a direct system call
that mess with Panda.  It is quicker and since I am entirely
versed with bash coding, easy for me to read.

   I was very disappointed that P6's Net::FTP does not work.
The author wrote me as to why -- something to do
with him being unable to get a network socket or some
such.  I had to write that program in P5 (InLine
did not work either).  So poop!  P5's subs drive
me around the bend.  P6's subs are a dream come true
for me.

I come from a Modula2 background and I write in Top Down.
The bottom of my programs define what functionality
I want and the subs implement it in smaller and smaller
steps.  Easier that heck for me to maintain.

   Lets hope Net::SMTP works.  I will know in a hour
or so.  I am really not looking forward to writing
that one by hand.  At least it is open source, so I can

I am rambling.


Oh and P5's Net::FTP has a bug in too.  I reported it
over on:

Net::FTP:rmdir RECURSE does not check for files starting with a dot

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