Thanks Timo,

sadly. The result is similar "Cannot add breakpoint to unknown file ...".

I had been trying to remove .precomp directories, but I seem to be missing something somewhere.
Strangely I do get messages like the following

+ EVAL_1 (1 - 1)
| => "Terminal::ANSIColor",...

about some modules (even some I wrote myself),
but the interesting one is missing.


Timo Paulssen schreef op 2017-03-10 16:41:

the way the debugger works is by changing the compiler to generate code
that communicates with the debugger at every step.

That means that if you want a module to be debuggable, it has to be
compiled by the debugger's compiler, too.

There's apparently currently no way to just force a full recompile of
all used modules (transitively) in memory, but you can copy-paste the
modules you're interested in into a "lib/" folder and just -Ilib on the
commandline. just make sure to rm -rf lib/.precomp between runs, i think!

hope that helps!
  - Timo

Theo van den Heuvel
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