Hi All,

This is just one of those chatter posts.

To me, the holy grail of coding is maintainability,
which is why I code in Top Down.

Code like below get my goat because I have to look
at it several times before I realize what is going on

$Name.IO.f or $Name.IO.open(:w).close;

Basically the above says:

    If the the first part of the logical OR passes,
    then don't bother testing the second part.  And
    if the second part of the Logical OR passes or
    fails, then "so what".

I'd much rather see
  if not $PathAndName.IO.f { $PathAndName.IO.open(:w).close; }

Which to me says:

    If this does not pass, then do something about it.

To me, it is much more maintainable.

Just my 2 cents.


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They malfunction when you open windows

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