The lack of open filehandles seem to be fixed. The server now stays up
for quite long time, but I've just seen the following on the command

The spawned command './RUN' exited unsuccessfully (exit code: 141)
  in block <unit> at wrap.pl6 line 5

I'd like to understand what this exit code: 141 might be, but also I
am surprised
this stopped the server.

After all I use this code to launch it:

and run "perl6 wrap.pl6"

This should relaunch the server when it crashes, but it did not do it.
The wrapper itself excited.

Any idea what could be the source of exit code 141?
How to run the external script so even if it exits my main code does not exit.

(BTW using "run" instead of "shell" did not help either.)

ps. The following two scripts can reproduce the issue with "shell":

while True {
    say "Starting";
    say "Ending";

print "in\n";

$ perl6
The spawned command 'perl6' exited unsuccessfully (exit code: -1)
  in block <unit> at line 3


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