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Timo Paulssen <t...@wakelift.de> wrote:

> As part of the IOwesome grant, zoffix is going to fix this error. It's
> what you get when you try to write to or read from or do anything with a
> closed IO::Handle.
> When you use "LEAVE:" you're just declaring a label called "LEAVE".
> There are no labels with special function, so your code is equivalent to
> sub save {
>     my $fh = open('data.txt', :w);
>     ohai: $fh.close;
>     $fh.print("hello\n");
> }
> so you're opening the file, closing the file, then writing to it. That
> can't work, of course, but the error is also clearly LTA.

Hi Timo!

What does "LTA" stand for in this context? One thing I learned is to avoid
acronyms as much as possible.



>   - Timo

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