I hope I am not overstepping the boundaries of the mailing list here.

A few days ago I've started a crowdfunding campaign http://perl6maven.com/book
to finance the writing of a book called "Web Development using Perl 6 book".
BTW a very early version of the book can be found here:

My plan is outlined on the campaign page. As I've started writing I've
already bumped into a few problems with Bailador. Issues were open on
GitHub and I am going to work on those problems as well. So in
addition to writing a book, apparently I am going to improve Bailador
as well. If all works out well, the community will end up with both a
book and a much better web framework.

There are already 35 people backing the project, but I'd like to reach
a lot more people. If possible a 1,000 people. For this I'd like to
ask you for your support. Both financially and by telling others about
the book.

So please check out the campaign at http://perl6maven.com/book
If you think having such book would do good for Perl 6 and if you
think I can write that book well, then please support the campaign. Do
it now, as more supporters will make it easier to get others to chip

ps. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
ps. If you are interested what a roller coaster of feelings is to run
a crowdfunding campaign check out my post:

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