Hi There!

In the Bailador project we use a branch called 'dev' for development
and one called 'main' for releases. Or at least we try to.

In the META.list of the ecosystem
https://github.com/perl6/ecosystem/blob/master/META.list we have
listed the 'main' branch:

However it seems that zef still installs from the 'dev' branch which
is the "Default branch" on GitHub. At least when running on Travis-CI
(of another project that has Bailador as its dependency).  (It could
not install Bailador:
https://travis-ci.org/szabgab/6blog/builds/240466600 because some new
files were not added to the provides key of the META file. After
fixing it on the 'dev' branch:
https://travis-ci.org/szabgab/6blog/builds/240481882 )

Am I misunderstanding something here? Do I need to make some further
changes in the META file of Bailador
https://github.com/Bailador/Bailador or the other code that used
Bailador: https://github.com/szabgab/6blog in order to tell zef to
install from the 'main' branch? Is this a Travis related thing?

ps. The Bailador crowdfunding now has 99 supporters. It would be nice
to see you too!

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