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    Bummer on the VI !  It inserts above the cursor

:help insert
a - append after cursor
A - append at end of line
i - insert before cursor
I - insert before first non-blank in the line
o - open a line below cursor
O - open a line above

for pasting see
:help paste

but vim also supports yanking into name buffers, so you can save as many as you want (well, 26?) and the put from them
:help yank
:help put

vim does everything, you just have to find it. ;->


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Hi Andy,

When I said "Bummer on the VI !  It inserts above the cursor",
I was referring to inserting the Secondary Selection
clipboard above the cursor.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Great write up, by the way.  Thank you!

My favorite vi key is "u" for undo.  What me make mistakes?!?!?
NEVER !!!!  Okay, more that I will admit.

I forced myself to learn vi about 26 years ago.  It
is truly the editor from hell.  But it works and I
continue to use it all the time.

With vi, I can use the Primary Clipboard (highlight and
middle button paste) and not lose my cursor position.
Make it real handy when copying a variable name.  Keeps
the typos to a minimum.

With text editor where I am forced to use the Secondary
Clipboard (<ctrl><C>, <ctrl>V>), I have to constantly
relocate my line after I do a copy.  It is a pain in the neck.

With the Primary clipboard, this happens too.

But with the Secondary Selection clipboard, I just push the
<ctrl> key down, highlight what I want, move the mouse
to where I want to paste, middle click, and release the
<ctrl> key.  And my cursor stays put and I can keep typing
where I started.  It is a YUGE time saver.

I not sure how the Secondary Selection clipboard would work in
vi as it is not a GUI editor and Secondary Selection requires
the GTK Toolkit.


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