On 07/08/2017 02:58 AM, timo wrote:
@ToddAndMargo <https://github.com/toddandmargo> here's how to create an email with attachments:

|my $image = "P5\n64 64\n255\n".encode("utf8") ~ Buf[int8].new( do for -32..^32 X -32..^32 -> ($x, $y) { 255 - (sqrt($x ** 2 + $y ** 2) * 4 % 255).ceiling }); my $email = Email::MIME.create( header-str => [from => "toddandma...@zoho.com", to => "redacted", subject => "Check out my fantastic attachment!"], parts => [ Email::MIME.create( header => [ content-transfer-encoding => "quoted-printable" ], attributes => [ content-type => "text/plain", charset => "utf8" ], body-str => "Hello Todd, check out this räd attachment!") ,Email::MIME.create( header => [ "Content-Transfer-Encoding" => "base64" ], attributes => [ content-type => "image/x-portable-greymap", disposition => "attachment" ], body => $image ) ]); say $email.as-string; |

it has a plain text body (including an utf8 character that gets encoded with quoted-printable) and it has an image attachment (a portable greymap that is created as a Buf, to simulate any attachments you would slurp as binary rather than encoded as a string).

It has the to and from headers in the Email::MIME object and it is part of the resulting text, so you can just feed that Net::SMTP's send method that only takes the message.

This relies on retupmoca/p6-Email-MIME#5 <https://github.com/retupmoca/p6-Email-MIME/pull/5> getting merged first.

Hi Timo,

I don't understand.  How do you sent this to Net::SMTP?
Where is the SMTP server's address and user name?  In
Net::SMTP by chance?

I have successfully used Net::SMTP before, but I don't get what you
are saying.

I am confused.  :'(


Serious error.
All shortcuts have disappeared.
Screen. Mind. Both are blank.

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