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Dear Perl Mongers,

We have added two days of training to The Perl Conference in Amsterdam. The schedule is now complete with an extra fourth track and it is looking interesting and exciting ( ) . Now you can have even more excitement by learning from the best: Damian Conway, Jeff Goff and brian d foy. People who have proven they know how to teach you useful and high quality topics. We offer each course for a nice price of just 150 euro per attendee.

It took us quite a while to get there, and I personally take the blame for the tardiness, and I apologize, and I realise that many of you already have booked flight or other means of travel, booked hotels and so on. I hope many of you are still able and willing to join in. The topics that brian, Jeff and Damian will lecture about are definitely worth your attention and effort.

brian d foy will improve your skills and knowlegde regarding Perl 5 with his well-known and up-to-date class "Mastering Perl" on Monday, August 7. On Tuesday August 8, he will go sideways, with attention to several small features of Perl in "Effective Perl Programming". He is (co-)author of good-selling books with the same names.

Damian Conway will teach you how to parse Perl 6 code, using regular expressions and grammars, in his course "Parsing Perl 6" on Monday, August 7. On Tuesday, August 8, he will impress us with his presentation skills and teach us how to be a bit like the presentation wizard that he is in the training "Presentation Aikido". Many people have benefitted from this course when it comes to improving their presentation skills. We offer this course as an extra service to the speakers of this conference for a price of 55 euro, in the hope that it will help them make their presentations even better than they already are .

Jeff Goff will help you with your first steps in using Perl 6. He has given this course several times before, at different conferences and workshops, while adding new content and adapting to new insights all of the time. His training "Introducing Perl 6" is on Tuesday, August 8. At the end of the day, you can make your first Perl 6 programs.

So, top content, top trainers, and on top of that, tea, coffee and lunch are included in each of the trainings. Also, on Tuesday you can join early registration for The Perl Conference in Amsterdam, so you don't have to stand in line on Wednesday morning.

In case you did not yet register, please don't worry, we still love to have more attendees to the conference. Register here: .

Thank you for your attention.  I hope to meet you all in Amsterdam in August.

Kind regards,

Wendy van Dijk
co-organiser The Perl Conference in Amsterdam 2017 aka YAPC::Europe::2017

PS If you receive this message more than once, I do apologize. I have been sending this to several mailing lists.

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