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    Hi All,

    In Linux, how do I things to a perl6 one liner?

    I want to send
         ip -o -f inet addr show | perl6 ***dig out the netmask on eno1***

    I know how to dig out the net mask, I just don't how to pipe
    to the command.

    Many thanks,

On 08/04/2017 02:06 AM, Simon Proctor wrote:
From the perl6 -h response you have the standard Perl command line switches

-e program           one line of program, strict is enabled by default

With this case $*IN|has the content from the pipe going into it. Personally I combine -e with one of the next two

   -n                   run program once for each line of input

In this case your command line is repeated with $_ set to the next line of text from $*IN

   -p                   same as -n, but also print $_ at the end of lines

And as it says, does the same as -n with an extra print. (Though from a quick test it looks to be a say?)

Generally one of -e, -ne or -pe will cover what you want. -e if you need to work with more than one line at a time. -ne if you don't want to print all the things and -pe if you do (after modifications).


Hi Simon,

I am missing something.  :-(

$ echo abc | perl6 -e 'say $*IN;'
IO::Handle<IO::Special.new(what => "<STDIN>")>(opened, at octet 0)

$ echo abc | perl6 -e 'say "$*IN";'
IO::Special.new(what => "<STDIN>")


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