On 08/04/2017 07:40 PM, ToddAndMargo wrote:
Hi All,

Believe it or not EPEL beat Fedora to Rakudo 2017.07.

Now I got me two perl 6's

$ /opt/rakudo/bin/perl6 -v
This is Rakudo version 2017.03 built on MoarVM version 2017.03
implementing Perl 6.c.

$ /usr/bin/perl6 -v
This is Rakudo version 2017.07 built on MoarVM version 2017.07
implementing Perl 6.c.

How do I get rid of the one in /opt?  Just delete the hole
directory structure?

Many thanks,

I renamed the one in /opt and reran "updatedb" and now
"which" find perl6 in /usr/bin instead of /opt/rakudo/bin.

Do I need to do anything else?

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