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Just a heads up.  I asked Fedora for 2017.07 and
this was their response:



Gerd Pokorra <g...@zimt.uni-siegen.de> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Gerd Pokorra <g...@zimt.uni-siegen.de> ---
I am sorry. The plan is to wait for the rakudo release of this month.

The release announcement is:
The next release of Rakudo (#114), is tentatively scheduled for 2017-08-19.

$ bodhi updates query --packages=rakudo | grep el7
nqp-0.0.-1.el7                 rpm    enhancement  testing   2017-08-02
moarvm-0.2017.04-1.el7 rpm enhancement stable 2017-05-14
moarvm-0.2017.02-1.el7 rpm enhancement stable 2017-03-30
[gz016@vgerd2 ~]$

Rakudo 2017.07 is currently first in the epel7 testing repository.

It take me about a half day of my leisure to build the stack
(moarvm, nqp and rakudo) for at least two Fedora branches
(master, f26). So please have patience to wait for the
update to 2017.08.

Rakudo 2017.06 and rakudo 2017.07 both implements the
production standard Perl v6.c.

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