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How do I do SSL/TLS with eMail-Mime?

It looks like that module is only handles creating/modifying an email,
not /sending/ it; SSL/TLS will be handled (or not) by whatever module you
use for actually sending the email you create with Email::MIME.


Hi Alexis,

I am trying to use SSL/TLS on post 465 to smtp.zoho.com

That would be  Net::SMTP

$client = Net::SMTP.new(:server( $smtp ), :port( $port ), :debug( 0 ) )

So I modified my line to

$client = Net::SMTP.new(:server( $smtp ), :port( $port ), :ssl, :starttls, :debug( 1 ) )

And now I get:

$ eMail.zoho.test.pl6
err code: 336130329
error:1408F119:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:decryption failed or bad record mac
Use of uninitialized value of type Str in string context.
Methods .^name, .perl, .gist, or .say can be used to stringify it to something meaningful. in method get-response at /home/tony/.perl6/sources/C7BFE131D057F94A1EC6C5CBF4DFC8C731D85400 (Net::SMTP::Raw) line 13 Start argument to substr out of range. Is: 3, should be in 0..0; use *-3 if you want to index relative to the end in method get-response at /home/tony/.perl6/sources/C7BFE131D057F94A1EC6C5CBF4DFC8C731D85400 (Net::SMTP::Raw) line 13 in method start at /home/tony/.perl6/sources/B0AFFC7E1CD3A465D71AF333700CF7086E4870E5 (Net::SMTP::Simple) line 59 in method new at /home/tony/.perl6/sources/AF0C4F60F05B28648456130019BA1D9C3B2FE938 (Net::SMTP) line 38
   in sub eMail at ./eMail.zoho.test.pl6 line 30
   in block <unit> at ./eMail.zoho.test.pl6 line 49

Sniffle.  Sniffle.

Thank you for the help!

Here is a simple way to reproduce the problem:

#!/usr/bin/env perl6

use Net::SMTP;
use Email::MIME;

my $client = Net::SMTP.new( :server( "smtp.zoho.com" ), :port( 465 ), :ssl, :starttls, :debug( 1 ) );

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