Hi All,

Fedora 26 (Linux)

$ perl6 -v
This is Rakudo version 2017.06 built on MoarVM version
2017.06 implementing Perl 6.c.

I am troubleshoot a hot swap problem o a new server I
am trying to deliver to a customer.  Every time you
hot swap one of the backup drives, yo hose the RSTe
RAID 1 array.  And, the RAID array will often lose sync
as you have to flip the power off to recover.  Even the
one fingered reset does not work.  I think it is the
bios as I have an another almost identical server out there
that does not have the issue.


I have to get a program going to check the RAID1 array's
status and eMail me alerts.  And since Perl6's Net::SMTP
is broken with my customer's mail server


I need an alternate way to send eMail.  And I don't want
to do a system all to the clunky mailx utility and I really,
really want to stop having to write code in Perl 5.

And it is of *** blistering importance *** that I get
this checker going.

So, anyway, how in the world do I talk to
Email::Sender::Transport::SMTP  ???  And where
in the world do I put the message body?

And I am all ears if you guys know a better way.

Many thanks,

man Email::Sender::Transport::SMTP

 "host": the name of the host to connect to; defaults to "localhost"

 "ssl": if 'starttls', use STARTTLS; if 'ssl' (or 1), connect securely;
      otherwise, no security

 "ssl_options": passed to Net::SMTP constructor for 'ssl' connections or
      to starttls for 'starttls' connections; should contain extra
      options for IO::Socket::SSL

  "port": port to connect to; defaults to 25 for non-SSL, 465 for
      'ssl', 587 for 'starttls' "timeout": maximum time in secs
       to wait for server; default is 120

  "sasl_username": the username to use for auth; optional

  "sasl_password": the password to use for auth; required if "username"
       is provided

  "allow_partial_success": if true, will send data even if some
       recipients were rejected; defaults to false

  "helo": what to say when saying HELO; no default

  "localaddr": local address from which to connect

  "localport": local port from which to connect

   "debug": if true, put the Net::SMTP object in debug mode

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