Just checking, but you do have a link to 'libssl.so' in the lib path?

Eg. I have 'libssl.so.1.0.0' but not 'libssl.so'. If so, you might try adding a symlink from 'libssl.so.1.0.0' (for example) to 'libssl.so'

On Thursday, August 31, 2017 02:45 PM, Norman Gaywood wrote:

Wanting to have a look at cro http://mi.cro.services/

But getting this when try to install. Any suggestions?

$ zef install --/test cro --force-install
===> Searching for: cro
===> Searching for missing dependencies: Cro::WebSocket
===> Searching for missing dependencies: Cro::HTTP, Digest::SHA1::Native, Crypt::Random
===> Searching for missing dependencies: if
===> Building: Digest::SHA1::Native:ver('0.02')
===> Building [OK] for Digest::SHA1::Native:ver('0.02')
===> Installing: Cro::HTTP:ver('0.7')
===> Install [FAIL] for Cro::HTTP:ver('0.7'): ===SORRY!===
Cannot locate symbol 'SSL_load_error_strings' in native library 'libssl.so'

Cannot locate symbol 'SSL_load_error_strings' in native library 'libssl.so'

  in any  at /home/ngaywood/rakudo-star-2017.07/install/share/perl6/[snip]

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