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On 09/08/2017 11:41 PM, ToddAndMargo wrote:
Hi All!

I am trying to convert some Perl 5 code to Perl 6.

What do I use in place of
     use Term::ReadKey qw ( ReadKey ReadMode );

I am trying to convert the following:

use Term::ReadKey qw ( ReadKey ReadMode );

sub DumpKeyboard () {
    # Dump the contents of the keyboard buffer, if any
    my $Trash;

    ReadMode 4; # Turn off controls keys
    while  ( defined ( $Trash = ReadKey ( -1, \*STDIN ) ) ) {
       # print "\$Trash = $Trash\n";
    ReadMode 1; # Reset tty mode before exiting


Fedora Linux 26 and Scientific Linux 7.3

So far, I have:

#!/usr/bin/env perl6
# Pause.pm6

use Term::termios;

# reference: https://github.com/krunen/term-termios
# # zef install Term::termios   (as root)

# `man termios` for flags

sub Pause () is export {

    # Save the previous attrs
    my $saved_termios := Term::termios.new(fd => 1).getattr;

    # Get the existing attrs in order to modify them
    my $termios := Term::termios.new(fd => 1).getattr;

    # Set the tty to raw mode

    # You could also do the same in the old-fashioned way
    $termios.unset_iflags(<BRKINT ICRNL ISTRIP IXON>);
    $termios.unset_lflags(<ECHO ICANON IEXTEN ISIG>);

    # Set the modified atributes, delayed until the buffer is emptied

    print "\n";
    print "Press any key to continue...";

    # Loop on characters from STDIN
    # loop {
    #    my $c = $*IN.getc;
    #    print "got: " ~ $c.ord ~ "\r\n";
    #    last if $c eq 'q';
    # }

    my $c = $*IN.getc;

    # Restore the saved, previous attributes before exit
    print "\n";


But it stacks up Carriage Returns (enter key).  And it just
acts weird.

And "man termios" is not showing any of the flags he is using.


What am I doing wrong?


And you have to press "any" key twice.

Here is a tester:
#!/usr/bin/env perl6

use lib '/home/linuxutil';
use strict;
use Pause; # qw[ Pause ];


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