I’ve added you to the repository – sorry about the delay, and thanks for the 
help with the module!

From: JJ Merelo
Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2017 4:51 AM
To: and...@egeler.us
Cc: perl6-users@perl.org
Subject: Offering my help with the Perl6 Text::Markdown module

Hi, Andrew:
This is JJ Merelo, JJ in GitHub. I have been using your Text::Markdown module 
quite extensively, but I've had to patch a few things; on 30th July I also 
opened a pull request which I have increased lately with Altai-man's other pull 
request. Since I think that your module is great for the Perl 6 ecosystem, may 
I be of any help? You could add me to the repo so that I could accept the 
patches and release maybe a new version, as well and try and address the 
outstanding issues.
Cheers, and thanks!


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