On 09/25/2017 12:51 PM, Parrot Raiser wrote:
ToddAndMargo might save some time by asking "Is this a problem someone
else might have solved, and if so, how?" before plunging ahead and
coding. From this and previous postings, it looks as though the answer
might frequently start with "Yes", and would save a lot of redundant

Todd has to learn sometime.  Little exercises like this help
him to learn string substitutions and matches.

As far as someone having done it. That is a good idea.
I love modules.  Currently Perl 6's modules are in transition
and have a lot of issues.  The ftp module can not get a socket;
The email module can't handle ssl; and on and so forth.
Their time is still yet to come, but they will get there.

And as far as Todd goes, he needs to learn substitutions
and matched so well he can do them in his sleep. He
can not rely on his personality and good looks forever!

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