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    Does perl 6 have an equivalent to bash's "-f" to
    see if a file exists?  Or is that a system call?

IO::Path's .f method. (Or .e to not require it to be a file, etc. as usual.)

     pyanfar Z$ 6 '".profile".IO.f.say'

Hi Brandon,

How do I get this to give me a "False" instead of crashing
and wagging the finger at me?

$ perl6 -e 'say "eraseme.txt".IO.f;'

$ perl6 -e 'say "erasxeme.txt".IO.f;'
Failed to find '/home/linuxutil/erasxeme.txt' while trying to do '.f'
   in block <unit> at -e line 1

Many thanks,

    method f

    Defined as:

    method f(--> Bool:D)

    Returns True if the invocant is a path that exists and is
    a file. The method will fail with X::IO::DoesNotExist if
    the path points to a non-existent filesystem entity.

maybe it is suppose to crash?

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