On 06/03/2018 03:57 PM, Patrick Spek via perl6-users wrote:
It's not that it particularly dislikes it, but you have to think about
it in what the options do, and what you want to accomplish.

In a regular Perl 6 script, you'd also have to consider the order in
which you do a similar thing. First, you need to make sure the include
paths are correct, so the module can be found. Then, you have to `use`
the module, so that you can access the subs and classes it exports.
Finally, you want to let it run some piece of code that gets you where
you want to go.

This is what -I, -M and -e do, respectively, when ran as a one-liner
from the shell.

Makes total sense.  -e means go do something.

My goof up was my alias

   $ alias p6
   alias p6='perl6 -e'

I had to write the thing out.

I mainly use one liners to test out syntax, especially
regex's before stitching them into my programs.

And, now that I have your recommendations written down,
I should not forget them again.

Thank you for the help!

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