El mar., 12 jun. 2018 a las 20:33, Joseph Brenner (<doom...@gmail.com>)

> Right, that's still another issue: it really does invariably come off
> as rude if you camp out at one discussion site and try to redirect
> the traffic to your own favorite one.

I think that by now it's quite clear that wasn't my intention, and that the
main problem was a misplaced "also". Never, ever, would I want to do that.

> But then, JJ Merelo (and Elizabeth Mattijsen) really aren't even
> very bad offenders, as these things go.  The fall-back position
> about talking about things in both places is interesting-- though a
> little impractical for obvious reasons.

I hope it's clear by now, but that was _never_ the intention. Never "stop
asking here, go there". It was _always_ please go there _too_ if you want,
or like, or prefer. I mean, I've never refrained from helping anyone if I
could. I've helped and _then_ asked to please, if that's OK with everyone,
ask from time to time in SO.  Even the self same question.

> (Myself, I'm toying with the idea that I might start posting some
> softball questions at stackoverflow, even if I already know the
> answer to them.)

:-) I mean, that's really the thing. You look for other languages, it's
like "how to do print to STDOUT". I mean, I sometimes have to look on how
to print to STDOUT. I haven't seen that yet in Perl 6, but when it shows up
we'll be sure to answer like the welcoming, helpful and diverse community
we are.

Again, thanks for opening up the discussion and giving me the chance to
clarify my position.


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