On 09/15/2018 03:16 PM, Brad Gilbert wrote:
I'm just saying that brains are wired differently.

Hi Brad,

Oh no fooling.

I mainly make my living off of troubleshooting.  I
am I.T. for small businesses: Windows, Linux, and Mac.
(25 years at this now) When I arrive, I am frequently
not the first to have tried.  I always succeeded.  This
is because my brain is wired differently.  I see things
that others do not see. And sometimes don't see what
they see.  This is unusually not an issues, as the
"others" have already tried.

And I live for the easy ones.  But, that is usually not
my luck.  The worst one I had to unscramble had five
things affecting each other.  A affected B affected C
affected D Affected E affected A.  It took me two
hours to get it all wrapped around my head, but I
conquered where no one else could.  But had it
been a simple A affects B only, then ...

As my wife says about me "Some people only think inside
the box; some think outside the box; you have no box".
You have probably noticed this in my writing.  I freely
admit I am weird.


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