Thanks for the feedback.

Note that this is also a routine declaration:

sub postcircumfix:<[ ]> ($lhs, $inside) { ... }

The term "name" is ambiguous. I guessed you might mean it
generically, so that's why I started with "routine declaration".

But "name" has a more specific meaning in Perl 6 so that's why
I stepped thru to that more specific meaning.

Not that these "names" actually come in short, long and
qualified versions.

`words` is a short name.

`postcircumfix:<[ ]>` is a short name.

There are two ways to make a short name longer.

One is a longname which appends a signature:

`postcircumfix:<[ ]>($, | is raw)` is a longname.

(See also

The other way is to prepend a package qualifier:

`&SETTING::postcircumfix:<[ ]>` is a package qualified name.


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> On 10/3/18 3:34 AM, Ralph Mellor wrote:
> > That's called a routine declaration.
> That's the one.  Thank you!

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