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> On Tue, Oct 9, 2018 at 9:27 AM Laurent Rosenfeld via perl6-users 
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>> This:
>> my $f = $fh.lines;
>> will slurp all the lines into $f (but you can still access the individual 
>> items with something like $f[4]).
> Is that true?  I supposed that it would hold the Seq as a scalar 
> (un-iterated) Seq.

No it isn't true.
It stores the Seq in $f.

The following doesn't print anything.

    my $f = 'example.txt'.IO.lines.map(*.say); Nil

(Note that I added `Nil` so that if someone tried this in the REPL, it
doesn't try to `say` what's in `$f`.)

What it does do is make the Seq marked as an item, so this only runs
one loop, and doesn't run the `.map` code.

    for $f { Nil }

But both of these will:

    for @$f { Nil }
    for $f<> { Nil }

> I know that my @f = $fh.lines will slurp it all, but I thought you could 
> avoid that by assigning it to a scalar.
> Curt

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