My organization has asked us to "internationalize" our storage management
Naturally I thought why not do it in Farsi...this way I learn the technique
and if that product
ever comes to Iran....then so match the better...

Basically I need some type of a high level hand-holding at this point, sort
of "theory of operation"
or "concepts" as what are the differing modules of an Internationalized
My portion of this software is a CLI (command line interface) (aka console
app for windows users).
This code is to run on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows and is implemented in

I appreciate some help on this matter...

Here are some random qeustions:

1- Would the existing input and output functions (such as iostream or C's
I/O libs) continue to
work, or do I need to change them?
2- Do I have a resource (or data type) issue, for example 7 bit ASCII vs
3- If my program does currently string comparisons (as a CLI parser would
do), how do I manage
this problem. I though of a "translator module" to maximize reusability of
the existing code.
4- Based on my brief reading, there seems to be a diverging set of encoding
under various ISO,
UTF-8, Unicode, etc....should I just use Unicode or in general what are the
design issues in this

Anything else that you can think of would be nice...


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